I was very glad to see the personal responses to Monday's comic. I never claim to be doing any great thing here, but I like when something so simple can resonate with such a common thread with people. Don't forget to share the comics you really like! I added a new doohickey over on the right hand side (in addition to the grillz icon, which you should still check out). See that white bar? It lets you share the day's comic through a bunch of different sites. Whatever social sites you use, you can show your friends this page. Or Monday's page! Or whatever.

Anyway today's a lot lighter and simpler. What the heck does a sneeze tailor look like, anyway? I'm guessing it's kind of like a sneeze frozen in the moment. Or something.

On the topic of Monday's bananas, though, our forum's wonderful mr.peaches created this video. It's LOLworthy so I wanted to share. I love creativity: