A few people had asked me exceptionally vague questions about how to "show the comics." Down at the bottom of each cromulent news post (what you're reading right this second, you sexy thang you) there's a simple line of code, and all you have to do is highlight the entire line, copy it, then paste it wherever you want the comic to show up. Your MySpace page, Facebook, a forum you visit or a blog you post on; it's that easy.

So go on and tell everyone about theWAREHOUSE! I can promote it some places, but I don't know where you all hang out.

I wanted to share a great little animation that one of our forum members rediscovered from her childhood yesterday. Check it out. It's oldschool greatness:La Linea - oh and there's a ton more on YouTube, including one with boobs. Heh.

Update after driving to work; that's a morning commute for ya.