The Fan Signs section has returned! Thanks to an out-of-the-blue fan sign from awesomepants reader Riley, I've decided to reinstate the fansign section that I took down ages ago. theWAREHOUSE readership has really been skyrocketing and our community base is growing. I love the involvement you all have in what goes on here; not just with the comics but on the Forum, with the mainpage articles, and the emails I get - everything.

Note that the fan sign section can be accessed from the top navigation or from over there on the right --->

Story time: During a windstorm soon after I put out my brand new compost bin, a panel blew off it and was immediately lost in the snow. I was sure it had blown out into the street and ticked off some unknown neighbor and I'd have to sit around wondering which one was harboring resentment for me. Last night in a very unFebruary-like thaw, the missing panel was revealed to me not more than two feet from the compost bin. Lesson? Don't jump to conclusions - especially when it comes to other people - patience and an open mind often reveal far more truths than assumptions.