Okay, so I'm in a bit of an I Am Legend mode. Sue me. Wait, don't. My lawyer talks really fast and it's hard to understand him. So don't sue me. Please and thank you.

If you're a "main-pager" here at theWAREHOUSE, then you've seen the article I did for the Omega Man Charlton Heston movie. I also finally got around to seeing the Will Smith remake - and I kind of classify it as a remake of both the Heston movie and the original book, because it definitely lifts things from the Omega Man that aren't in the original story. Interesting.

I kinda-sorta started a thread for me rambling about it all over on theFORUM, but so far all the other forum-folk are leaving me to my own devices. I've read the book and seen all of the movies except Vincent Price's the Last Man on Earth - which is public domain now. It can be viewed free of charge HERE, or on YouTube. I just have to get around to it.

I definitely wonder how my opinion would've been changed had I seen them in a different order, that's for sure.

On other movie note, some forum-folk saw Juno and There Will Be Blood and said they were both excellent. So, there you go. It doesn't have to be all vampires of varying degrees.