Update - I'm close to updating theWAREHOUSE shop with a few new designs that I know you're going to love. Here's the problem. I can't upload the new designs until I either sell two more shirts or I delete the designs that are currently there. Spreadshirt is weird like that with their vector-based designs, but it's the compromise I insist on for their excellent quality. See, once you prove that you can sell enough shirts, they let you have more designs.

So the long and the short of it is that you should check out theWAREHOUSE shop and see if you'd like a "Carl Huber is a Genius" shirt or a Chainsaw shirt or messenger bag, or a Ball or Peen shirt. Because one of two things is going to happen by the end of this week:
1: you like 'em and buy 'em and they can stay and the new shirts go up.
2: no one buys them and they get deleted to make room for the new shirts.

Survival of the fittest! So take a look and see whatcha see. Either way the new shirts should be up by the end of next week (we'll see). But I'd love to be able to keep the current selection around, if possible.