Hey, if you don't come here through the main page or the RSS feed, you might not have noticed, but I've updated (finally) with a new article. Neat-o.

There's at least one hidden joke in the comic today. I didn't even notice it until I had finished drawing the whole thing. I love when that happens. You may have noticed it immediately, but I don't think it's really even hinted at. It's just something I noticed after reading through the comic a few times as I was working on it. Heck, it's not even so much of a joke as it is a humorous, er, happenstance. Anyway, if you give up or would like to confirm, highlight the lines below to see.

The person in the plane complains that the "eye" of the island looks like it has pink eye - conjunctivitis. The funny comes in when you remember that the two people are albinos - and albinos by nature have pink eyes themselves naturally. LAUGH NOW PLEASE.

Anyway, that's the low down. I'm going to the public market Saturday morning. Have a great weekend! As usual, the forum will be bustling...wouldn't it be great if this was the weekend you all had a big n00b orgy there? I'm just saying.