theWAREHOUSE webcomic archive! Use this list to find your favorite comics. I update it occasionally. Notice there are keywords (tags) that might help your search. Common terms are grammar, math, violence, charles, alcohol, drugs, monsters, guns, ball and peen. Fun for the whole family!

the Job You Want - ninja
Validation - Pay Attention To Me!
Photoshop Filters are Bad
The Gambler - alcohol
The Whole Thing Off - geek
Brokeass Mountin'
Drugs R Bad - drugs
Because He's Stuck In ____
The Misadventures of Charles the Raver pt1
(Didn't See That One Coming)
The Misadventures of Charles the Raver pt2
Silent But Deadly - ninja
Peg the Landing and Hook a Medal - pirate
Young Love
Not So Different After All
Neverending Sto-hory!
Go West Young Man. Further. No, keep going.
The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross
House Rules
Dude That's Your Sister!
Britney Saves the World
People are Disgusting
Cartoon Violence
You Should Be Ashamed
World of Doorcraft
Sometimes I'm Not So Special
It's a Trick; Get an Axe
Guys are Dumb
Captain Sparkles
True Love
Charles the Raver in A Walk in the Park
Welcome to the Internets
Self Preservation
More Homophones
Brokeback Addiction
Her First Name is Angus
Refrigerator Bear
Reality Check
The Bald Spot's Next
If Boredom was Dragons (pt 1)
Now Where's that 50ft Woman?
Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb
If Boredom was Dragons (pt 2)
The Psychic Waitress
It's Like a Clip Show
Cryptozoology - unicorn narwhal monsters
Sneaky Sneak - ninja geico
Innocence Lost - birthday
Battle of the Century - banana phone badger mushroom
An Actual Spam Email I Have Received
Kill Your TV
Fall in the Forest - tree torture
That is Fresh - velocirapper
Q-Tips - what's the worst that could happen
Three Men Happen Upon a Dying Sheep - SHILF
It's Called Pyrokinesis - fartburger
Oh. Gross. Sorry - grammar nazi
Charles the Raver Battles Drug Addiction - rehab
Why, God, Why? - pistol kitty
This Should Get Me On Some Government List - middle east racism
See, What They Need is a Sherpa. - everer everest
Electric Tigerbabytron 3000 - tiger in my baby
Bumblebee's Revenge - transformers killing humans
Tab A. Slot B. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. - sex
White Ninja is Too Popular
Qwantz: A Tribute
Hooligans - assault and battery
Free Falling
Incredibly Limited Target Market - matches and gas
It Never Ends! - time travel
Oh, But If I Could
Oh, Nuts - bespectacled
Would You Like Fried Potatoes With That? - raw toast
Charles the Raver Waits for the Bus - cabbage
Bitter Baron's Constant Foil - sweet man
Knowing is Half the Battle - viper
zomg i luv that guy - sucktober
Frankenstein in College - pizza
Don't Tell Me You Do It Any Differently - rem leonard bernstein
Sibling Rivalry - stork shotgun
Apologies to Joyce Kilmer
Identity Complex
Bless You
No, Really, It's a Good Movie - 300
Silence of the Mimes
Finally - winter spring
It's a Grammar Joke - query
Obsessive Compulsive Eggcelence
Hitler Didn't Have TiVo Anyway - amazing race
Threaded Backwards - bizarro lightbulbs
I Never Knew - chicken crossed the road, shriner monkey
Silent But Deadly II
I'll Form...The Head! - voltron
XXXXXXXXXX - something
Honey, You Got Real Ugly - zombies
Web Two Point Oh-No!
We Who Complain Often Lack Perspective
Triumph of the Yawn Sniper
Can We Start Thinning the Herd Yet? - hummer
I Always Wondered - get off my lawn
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Window
Guitar Hero
One Night in Paris - flash hilton
Danger House
Message for the Future Part One - time travel
Traveler's Tip - pirate ninja
The Medusa's Secret
Limerick - walrus stealin' my bucket
At the Shop - car repair
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men - jon bon jovi
Pop Culture for 800, Alex
My Kingdom for a Vacation
Charles the Raver at the Wrong Party
Does Spam Work?
Message for the Future Part Two
Leaving Later
One Shots Yeasr Too Late
Sonorous Verbiage
But Seriously Folks...Get Over It - cyanide & happiness
And Lo He Was Deceitful - satan devil
Blockin' Out the Scenery Breakin' My Mind - signs
Climbing the Corporate Ladder
Stranger Tales of Great Danger - police
In Memorium - harry potter
He's Great at Parties - captain bringdown
I Think It's Okay When Smart People Do It - grammar
On News of Rising Dairy Prices - starbucks
Daydream Believer
The Irrelevant Reich - nazis
Mr. Versus Chuck (thanks, Forum!) - chuck norris
Harvest the Rainbow - ball and peen
Who's the Boss? Rock is.
Crime Doesn't ay - grammar
Survivorflan - grammar
Manual Perspective - puppets
When Prime Picks a Possee - transformers
Oh and the Pegasus Poops Rainbows - tok tok
The Miracle of Life
One of the Reasons God Hates Knight Rider
Charles the Raver Buys a Watch
Would You Like some Hot Ice With That?
Really Pretty Freaking Awesome - mexico
That's Not How It Works
Door Number One
Similar to a Bottle In Front of Me - trepanation
To Be Fair They Rocked Really Hard - ball and peen
Hamsterdance is for Wusses
Oh No
Things Are Looking Up
Tap the Rackies
A tuskan Raider - ron popeil
Imagine The Torrents
Wacky Title Goes here
It's Scrumptious
I Tried to Fart on my Kids & I Pooped Myself
Let Me Tell You The Horrible Story - escalator
Additionally: Invisible Tapeworn Handpuppet
Seriously That's Like $21.75 Canadian
The Wrath of Comparative Analysis - khan star trek
If The Opportunity Presents Itself
Coming Soon: theWAREHOUSE Cosplay
Just Because You're Not Paranoid
Charles the Raver Takes a While
the Joys of Autumn in the Country
War is Hello Nurse
Surprisingly They Love the Olive Garden
Charles the Raver's Morning Commute
Maybe if He Chose Some Steeler's Wheel? - voltron
Let's See a Show of Hands
Say Hellow To My Little Friend. Hello! Hello! - scarface
I Assume This Is My Eventual Fate
I Did it With My Own Bear Hands
Quit Stalin and Tell the Joke - linen closet
Down With the Sickness
Why I'll Never Get Syndication - calvin and hobbes
C'mon and Bring Your Jukebox Money
Opposable Thumbs Also Rock
A Cry for Help - steely dan
But Where Were the Spiders - david bowie
Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings - sound of music
Wary Philosophical - matt lauer
In the Clearing Stands a Boxer - simon and garfunkel
Double Entendreaaagh! - volcano sex
Now That Takes Guts - offal coffee
Charles the Raver: Reason for the Season
Nobody Farks with the Turtle
By That Logic, Dad, They'd Hate Red Wine
Charles the Raver Meets His Nemesis
Charles the Raver Meets His Nemesis pt II
Charles the Raver Meets His Nemesis pt III
Who Spiked the Eggnog? - charles the raver
I Need CC CCs of Webcomic, Stat
Happy Arbitrary Gregorian Renewal
It's Not Delivery; It's Did You Know.
Teach a Man to Fish
Raze the Roof
Need Alveoli Flower Power Up, Stat - drugs
I am a Rock, I am an Island - simon and garfunkel
Jokes About Staying in the Closet Start Now
Flash Photography - disposable gamera
Oh No. Get the Shovel.
Get Your Paws Off Me You Damn Dirty Vampire
At Least It's Not Family Circus
I Bet This Looks All Backwards to the Brits
Names of a Feather Flock Together - bond
Baseball - meta
The Silver Lining - rainbows
Wheeling and Dealing - charles the raver, ball and peen
I Get Art
The Darndest Thing
Sound Fiscal Advice
Also Funny is Spanish Chicken
Love at First Sight - ninja
Reap What You Sno - religion
Matrix Moves
Municipal Services - spearmint beam
I Have Much Different Problems - too cute
Study Habits
A Friend Indeed - banana
Bless You
Stage Fright - pot kettle
War and Pizza
Fact: Puns Derive From Brain Trauma - jam
Luck o' the Jedi to Ya - irish
Charles the Raver: Del Shannon's Little Runway
How Was Your Trip Las FOMG
Snow Blind - yeti
I'll See if I Can Pencil You In
Sieg Hello!
Licorice - jelly bean
Branching Out for the Greater Wood - grammar
I use Battalian Seasoning on Chicken - math
Living in the Grid - math
The Church of Cakerday Pains
Did You Just Call Me - thundercats
Get Behind an Investment Plan
Thompkins is a Dinkwad
I'd Like A Slice of That Pie - pizza
Overactive Imaginations - fantasy
Makes You Wonder
It's All For You Baby - drugs
Pessimism is Sleepy Optimism
Combustible Situations
Those Aint Answers - ninja
My Book Report - cassowaries
The Yellow See - dog piss
Volley for Touchdown - bowling
He Chose Poorly - lincoln
Because Seven Eight Nine - fat
Maybe Jack Thompson Was Right - videogames
The Geek Problem - math
The Shirt Off His Back - charles the raver ball and peen
Hit the Road Jack
Also They DOn't Have Necks
Two Bilingual Birds
Variations on a Theme - grammar
No Hints - charles the raver
There's Something Fishy About Him - the gorton's fisherman
Clowning Around
Office Dooking: A Manual
Mixing Business With Pleasure - grammar
King Notuncommon - grammar
Volcanic Activity - volcano sex again?
When You Gotta Go - spiderman meta
For Jokes on a Field of Pink
Dirty Hairy - flower power
Eployee of the Month
Fishing for Compliments
IRL [email protected] - videogames
fan sign comic
The End Times - ninja
Contest Submissions
Breaking the Fast
Liar Liar - aluminum foil pants
Animal Farm - sealed for your safety
Pilates - xkcd
We're Going Down While Looking Up - elevator
All Quiet on the Underpants Front - love and war
The Final Word - girl farts
Not-So-Great White
Set Phasers to Pun
Hisstrionics - trouser snake
Ball and Peen Play With First - scary jerry firehead
The Real Problem? No Fingers - guns
Wii Mii, feel Mii, touch Mii, heal Mii - videogames
On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Repetition
Charles the Raver Gets a Papercut
Got Got Got Got Got No Time - geek
The Sexy Mechanics of Time - time travel
Plumbing - religion
Storytime: The Birds and the Bees - sex
The Delicious Jackass - food
Death, Be Ye Silent - dinosaurs
Economic Stimulus - money
Charles the Raver Answers the Question
Blitzkrieg Bop - hitler nazis
You Can Call Me Poppa...Poppa Wheelie - sex
It's Electric, Boogie Woogie Woogie
Friends Like These - violence
Charles the Raver Obama
Heaven Scent - drugs
Does This One Smell Funny to You? - violence
I Hate That Laughing Dog, Though - guns
It's Just Not Fair - grammar
Can We Count on Your Volts in November - grammar
It's That Time of Year Again
What's in a Name
Denial is Not Just a Raver in Egypt - charles the raver
Stash the Evidence
Har, Har, Har. Poon - violence
Food for Thought - zombies
Hive Minds - grammar
Loafing Around
Well That's a Kick in the Disco Balls
Pathos, Logos, Ethos - phallic
Wee. Gee - videogames
Rex'd Em? Damn near Killed 'Em. - dinosaurs violence
Happy Hallowhat?
Due Process
Bob Barker's a King Among Men - grammar
Grammamamar - grammar tpyo
Judge a Book by its Coven - ball and peen
The Alpha Omega Frat - religion
Expiration Date - or - Expiration HATE! - food
Open Wide and Say Agh! - food
The Sultan of Prunei - violence
War is Shell? - violence guns grammar
A Horse of a Different Color - guns
Vile Tile Time Trial: Smile While I Wile - videogames
Does the Magic Match the Drapes?
Does the Crash Match the Cash?
Does the Green Match the Scream?
Secret History - robots
Feliz Navidead - religion
Hah hah hah. Classic!
Vanilla Ice Wants His Job Back
Keep it on the Download - geek
A Something Over Troubled...Something? - grammar
No Fireish Need Apply - scary jerry firehead, ball and peen
Charles the Raver Gets Santa High
Excuses, Excuses
Facial Tics - violence
What Was That Called, It's Killing Me - religion violence
Digging Yourself A Hole - violence
The Best For Which You Can Hope - math
The Road Less Traveled
La La La La La (I Can't Hear You) - violence
Wear It On Your Sleeve - violence
Door Number Three - violence
Yeah That's Right - religion dinosaurs
It's Full of Something or Other - monsters
A Prime Concern - math
Charles the Raver Meets Glengarry Glen Goth
The Postman About to Become a Post Man - monsters
Pining for the Fjords - monsters
A Pithy Witticism - alcohol food grammar
A Witty Pitticism - grammar
I Don't Give A Hoot
Everybody Wins (or: Everybody Doesn't Lose) - food
Your So-Called Crisis; My So-Called Priorities - time travel
Heart Felt - violence
You Auto Be More Careful - monsters
James Bondage: Pierced Brosnan - glengarry glen goth
Before I Melt Away
The Periodic Table has a Wobbly Leg - geek
Time Keeps on Ticking, Ticking, Ticking - time travel
Nobody Nose the Trouble I Seen - drugs
I Will Do This Until My Demands Are Met - meta
Charles the Raver Misses the Sun
A Tiny Greeting
Crappy Taint Fat-Trick's Day
Jumpin' Jack Flash Destroys America
Your Love is Like a Knife, It's Stainless - food
They'll Win, Hands Down - violence
Like the Bat Signal, but More Annoying - food
The Lowest Common Denominator - math food
Full Circle: Coming Back Home - grammar
Crime and Pun. Ishment.

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