Eyyy, we're over the hump. Six oh one.

For those trying out the updated "Share" button for Facebook...oh, wait, did I even make the announcement here? Maybe not! Oh, nuts!

Alright, let's try this again. I've updated the code for the "SHARE" button for Facebook below the comic. You are now able to post whatever actual comic page you are on by pressing that. It's no longer just a link to the main page. Hooray!

Now, for those trying it out on today's comic: it might take Facebook a while to reindex the "new" page (index.php) with the current comic, so it might show an old thumbnail. You will have better luck by going back one comic and then forward one comic, so that - for example - you would be on comic_601.php instead of index.php. A bit roundabout, but if you just have to share the new comic that'd be the best way.

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