I apologize again for missing the Wednesday update. I know I say that things are busy a lot but...well...sometimes things are just way too busy to do anything about it. I can normally squeeze the update in during little moments where I'm not busy and it doesn't detract from my actual real-world job. But this week was just full. So, mea culpa. My bad.

Some of that business - should I say busy-ness? - is why it makes it particularly hard to do site updates, like all the archive features you guys are requesting in the comments. Yes, it would be awesome to have an automatically updating tag-based database search that also shoots laser and makes sandwiches. But I barely have time for the comic itself. I honestly don't know how I'm going to be able to bring the actual book to completion and it's half done!

In other news, I pretty constantly want to just make all of the characters naked. It's a struggle to make their shirts a different color from their faces.

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