So according to your comments we have a 17 year old and a "way past 40" - interesting! I really was just mostly curious. I like to know about you guys! And the several of you who email me from time to time know I love talking with you about this/that/the-other. Sometimes I just suck about getting back in a timely fashion.

Thank you to all of the 896 people who marked their age! If you didn't "vote" yet, the poll is still open if you want to back up to Wednesday's comic and put your answer in. There's no grand reason, really. Oh, and, sorry to the folks who are actually 30 whose answers could've fallen into either choice. No worries, I'm sure precisely half of you chose the 20-30 and the other half chose the 30-40.

In other news, it's Friday and the coffee is ready. It's a gorgeous day out there!

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