In case anyone out there forgot, it's Friday!

And in case anyone forgot some more, Valentine's Day is Sunday! In my old age I'm trying to get over the cynicism of youth and just go along with having a nice fun day. No need to go overboard and buy a million overpriced roses, but it's nice to be nice. So Happy Valentine's Day all y'all. And remember to send your mother a card. Do it. Now.

Moving on...I actually cut myself trying to pull the bedsheets over myself last night. I jammed my thumbnail from my right hand into the back of my left hand. Took a decent chunk out. How totally lame an injury is that?

Changing gears, when I got into the office this morning there was a pile of brand new (in package) padlocks on our front desk. One of the office lights that is never on was on. And a couple sets of blinds which we never close were closed. I'm still the only one in the office. I really hope someone's not sneaking up on me right now to try and reenact something from Pulp Ficti-

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