Every couple of months, someone will email me asking me particulars about how I create theWAREHOUSE webcomic. There's no great mystery, you really just need to know how to actually use your graphics program and you have to have a graphics tablet. Beyond that, I decided to put up a brief and confounding tutorial page to explain some of the process. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Any of my wonderful PHP-coding readers feel up to taking a look at a problem for me? I'm trying to set up the constantly requested "random comic" button but can't figure out how to generate a random number 001-500, instead of 1-500. See what I mean? Have to preserve the leading zeroes. Email me! ...May have figured out a random button with your help (thanks Laurie and Ryan!!)

Howdy y'all. Was a little under the weather yesterday, but I still managed to get most of everything done, so, hooray for actually getting today's comic up. Just going to be over here blowing my nose all day. It might be one of "those weeks"...

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