Is there any chance that the guy who was sponsoring the Mighty Boosh contest from several weeks ago is still reading this? If so, please get in touch with me ASAP. Thanks.

Moving on to things far more topical, if anyone knows anyone in Mensa, I think you definitely should be sending last Wednesday's comic to them. I'm just sayin'.

I know today's comic features Death, a kind of mummy lookin' dude, a warrior kinda guy...but I'm pretty sure its inception had nothing to do with Halloween. Honest. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are definitely all-season type dudes. More likely it's because I'm reading a book called The Armageddon Crazy whose cover so far only reflects a very, very small part of the story. But I'm still reading. Anyway, yeah.

I thought I might have already done a pun-title similar to today's comic's title. A quick search in the archives revealed this, probably one of my all time favorites.

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