Also, your mom's been ridden so much I don't think it would be possible to deride her. BOOM! Extra joke! Right there. You don't get that with your garden variety run of the mill webcomic. Value. Added. Services. Kids.

So you're a child at Christmas. You've spent all morning setting up your shiny new train set. It runs fine and you're happy. You spent time building it and now you're enjoying using it. But what about when the train derails? Do you pack it up and call it a day, wait for the snow to melt and school to resume? No you fucking don't! You get that train back on the rails and keep moving!

If you didn't pick up on it, the train is this website, I'm the little kid, and, uh, you're all the GI Joe heads I superglued to the train to play "Night of the Million-Headed-Train Attack."

We had some very serious outages and I had some words with my webhost. Actually the tech I spoke with is named Vlad. How cool is that? Anyway, I've fully split the sites. I'll spare the tech details (long story short) but the hosting is costing a little more but now that it's up and running it should be better. Knock on wood.

Thanks everyone for your patience. I know it's rather silly to be so loyal to a website but I truly do appreciate your sticking it out. Do you know how awesome you even are for reading this far into the news post? Go get yourself a toffee!

Happy weekend. Have a good one for me, folks.

ps: I will be changing the location of the xml file, for those folks that follow us on RSS. But not right now. Sometime in the not-too-distant future.

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