Apologies to the everpresent Fox Trot.

Hey, I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know we did. Fun with fire and sparklers, yay America, all that.

So remember back in Dungeons and Dragons (advanced, sorry, 3rd edition), you'd go around and wander through the eponymous dungeons? Every time you entered a new room it was always one person's job to unceremoniously declare their intent to loot and plunder. So much so that the "wizards" within these dungeons had to start making treasure chests and rugs that were actually just evil monsters, because hey why not.

I remember they busted up a drug house in the county next to ours a while ago. There was a mention of "traps" involved, but they weren't specific. My assumption is floating somewhere between a precarious shotgun/twine affair pointed at the door and, perhaps, an owlbear hidding behind a sliding stone wall, activated by the presence of lawful goodness.

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